Convert your timesheets to invoices and get paid

Generate invoices from your timesheet entries using the accounting and time tracking apps you already know and love.

Keep the apps you love, supercharge your workflow

You already have your time tracking and accounting apps. There's no need to switch. Time To Get Paid gets the best out of your existing tools and acts as the missing glue between them.

Automated invoices

Generate scheduled invoices from your time entries and get paid as soon as the billing cycle is over.

Organise your documents for easy storage and access

Whether its your time tracking reports or actual invoices, sometimes you need a record of these documents. Time To Get Paid will organise all your documents so that you can find them easily later on.

Keep the time tracking apps you love

Import time sheets from your favourite apps


Integrate Toggl with Quickbooks


Integrate Clockify with Quickbooks


Integrate Harvest with Quickbooks

Keep your favourite accounting apps

Generate invoices with the apps you already use


Integrate Wave with Toggl


Integrate QuickBooks with Toggl


Integrate Xero with Toggl


Integrate FreshBooks with Toggl

Save time with automated invoices

Choose the client, project, date range that will be used to generate the invoice on your chosen day every week, month or whatever time period you prefer.

On the day of billing, Time to Get Paid will generate invoices from all of your templates

Review the generated invoices and send.

Keep your documents organised

Once you've generated your invoice, you can also generate the corresponding timesheets as supporting documents. These invoice and timesheets will be linked and searchable.

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